Recycled Rainbow Connection

18 December 2010

While I was painting the paper I used for my lantern, I got the idea that I could use something similar as gift wrappers. I had a few tubes of usable paint left over and a couple more sheets of blueprint, I figured I should do just that. I only had yellow, red, blue and green left over, which were incidentally appropriate Christmas-y colors. I also had two sheets of blueprint left.

I was looking around for more blueprints but I only found a large-format print of a map of Cubao CBD (used for a group plate in college) so I decided to use that. For experimentation purposes, I painted over the printed side.

So much for my wrappers. For embellishment, I used leftover the plastic bag garland I made for an unsuccessful lantern prototype (it took too much time to construct). It’s basically strips of plastic (about 2 cm x 8 cm) knotted onto nylon string/fishing line, then I made it into a pom-pom like thing and tied it to the wrapped gift! YAY!

Here’s a look at most of the gifts. I also used old brown paper envelopes embellished with my stripey gift wrappers to cover up any prints and addressees.

Alternate view under yellow light:

What do you think? Too trashy? Meh? Or absolutely gorgeous? 😀


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