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Ready for the Tea Party

29 April 2011

I have a bunch of sewn stuff that I’m actually willing to sell. I’ve been hesitant to sell some of the stuff I’ve made because I’m still trying to improve my sewing machine skills. But these pass my high standards so now I allow myself to share these with you. Besides, though I love what I made, they aren’t really my style so I probably wouldn’t use them myself. It’d be better if somebody else does 🙂

They’re sort of in a similar theme, I imagine wearing these to a picnic or a tea party (hence the title). We don’t do tea parties here where I come from :p

1. Granny Cardi(gan) – The cardigan is an extremely rarely used piece (I have a blue one and I use that). I think I’ve only used it twice. It was bought many, many years ago at Cinderella; cream colored with a golden sheen; is fastened only by a hook at the collar; size: small (my beautiful measurements here). I added the ruffles and the hem which are repurposed elastic lace and stretchy beige fabric.

PhP 300

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When the Craftista fails

25 April 2011

I don’t always make pretty things. I have a lot of failed experiments, but I just don’t post them here. Here’s one project, though, that I’m willing to share because it’s as frustrating as it is funny.

The scenario: I have a bead belt, all sparkly and stuff.

It had pretty hexagonal medallions and is made of lots and lots of beads.

The thing is, these things aren’t my type. I chose to deconstruct it. I had the plan all laid out. I was gonna chop it up into sections and make something out of each part.

After a full morning of cutting, rolling (and flying) beads, too-short string that won’t knot tightly, I ended up with this:

Hahaha so my plan failed. No biggie, I could just use these beads for something else… some other day. 😀



14 April 2011

Things I made today with little fabric pom poms. The strips of cloth I used for these were cut from hems of shirts I’ve already cut up.

Earrings! I’m at a shortage of fish hooks, so I just put these antique bronze ones on for hanging purposes.


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When 2 Become 1 and then some

11 April 2011

In case you’re wondering: Yes, I was a Spice Girls fan. I was a teenager, go figure.

Today I finally got thread to (almost) match the aqua shirt I’ve cut up to attach to a skirt. I say almost because I settled on a more turquoise (darker) shade. I couldn’t find a better match. I’ve cut, measured, pinned and basted the top since last week, but I only got around to sewing them today.

Here’s the top. It was a T-shirt in its previous life, now I cropped the bottom and removed the sleeves.

Here’s the skirt. When I wear it properly, it falls just above my ankles. If I wear it empire style, it stops at mid-calf.

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10 April 2011

Today I turned an underused skirt into a bag. This skirt was one of the first pieces of clothing that my boyfriend bought for me, so… sorry to him. LOL.

Before: Skirt. True to the blog post title, this skirt looks like a patchwork job made of small pieces (scraps) of the same army fatigue corduroy fabric

After: Bag!

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9 April 2011

The number one thing I want for my skirts are pockets. I love my skirts, but I hate having to hold my small things (phone, lip balm, loose change, etc) or have them all jumbled up in my bag. That’s why one of the first things I thought of doing when I started my sewing projects was to put pockets in my skirts. At least, those that can have pockets.

Even before I relearned using the sewing machine, I’ve been going around fabric shops buying 1-yard lengths of fabric to use for this (among other small things). I folded them in half and cut them into pocket-shaped pieces, sewed around it (twice, but not forgetting to leave one side open), partially ripped open the side seams of my skirts and sewed the pockets on.

Here’s what it looks like on the inside:

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Lapu-Lapu in the Bag

5 April 2011

Back to sewing…

This is actually the item that gave me the idea to relearn using the sewing machine (actually, no. I wanted to put pockets on my skirts but this bag was the final straw, I guess). My mom got this canvas bag from an event (PinoyME, “ME” as in Micro Enterprise) a few months ago. We discovered the Lapu Lapu flour print on the inside which we absolutely loved, but the handles leave much to be desired. I turned it inside out,  removed the wooden handles (I’ll force my mom to make a scroll wall hanging out of it someday), put in a lining fabric, and new handles out of the lining fabric and some leftover canvas cloth from a school project. Voila! New, awesome, usable bag!

Before (well, before sewing but after turning it inside-out):

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Crafty Commercial

5 April 2011

In between my sewing projects, I suddenly remembered I bought magnet tape at Saizen some time ago. I dug it up among the eraser stamp supplies and made this little thing

The magnet was really weak, though, and it wouldn’t stick to the refrigerator with anything more than a thin sheet of paper between. So I guess this’ll just be ornamental, not functional.

Tutorial on how to make this charming thing can be found here. I don’t have Mod Podge (it’s expensive and I’m a cheap-o) so I just used undiluted white glue.



4 April 2011

As I said in my previous post, I had a bunch of projects lined up, and I already finished some of them. They aren’t really very complicated so I was able to finish them in a day.

This wouldn’t be a proper “Makeover” if it didn’t have Before & After pics, right? So here they are! Enjoy!

1. Pink long blouse/dress – Too short for a dress, too long for a blouse. Since I’m not using it as a dress anytime soon, I chopped it up and made it into a normal-length blouse. I also removed the elastic from the sleeves because it was constricting the blood flow to my fat arms. :p



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SINGER SEW-ngwriter

3 April 2011

LOL sorry I couldn’t help making puns.

In the weeks prior to this year’s summer vacation I resolved to relearn how to use our old Singer sewing machine. I say “relearn” because I was taught how to sew on a manual machine in my home economics class in elementary. Of course that was looooooong ago and I wasn’t really into the whole homemaking and practical arts stuff at that time (I still suck at cooking, though I try sometimes). This machine is actually older than me, and came from my dad’s family who used to have a tailor shop in Tondo, Manila. Actually, I have some paternal relatives who still practice tailoring/dressmaking/sewing.

My dad loves to teach me stuff (although I’m not always receptive to his lectures) so you could imagine his enthusiasm when I asked him to help me. He gave me a piece of cloth to practice my straight lines on, and I worked all morning on it. He even moved the heavy (solid steel) thing upstairs so I could work in peace (i.e. no dogs squeezing their way between my legs and stuff).

I have a bunch of projects lined up, mostly clothes that I don’t use much because I want to adjust them. In the meantime, here’s more photos of our sewing machine :p

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