About the Craftista

Hi, I’m Sara.

I’m an Architect and Interior Design student with a knack for keeping anything and everything I believe I can still use. That means I’m a pack rat, keeping anything from old magazines to scraps of paper to plastic bags to used watercolor paper to cellphone load cards, down to the last tiny (and potentially usable) molecule.

Sometimes I use these things right away, like for scaled models and other school requirements. It’s nice to have a lot of materials handy which saves me money and it feels nice to reuse and repurpose things that would otherwise be thrown out taking up space in landfills. But more often than not, I just keep them and think (believe) that I will find a use for them someday.

Ang Craftista is my attempt to finally put all my treasures (clutter) to good use, whether through craft projects, art pieces, accessories, or some other purpose I find for them. I’d also share design-related things that I love, just because.

Basically, this is where I’ll post…

…what I do…

…what I like…

…and what I want to share.




  1. Hi Sara, you are from the Philippines ? I am from QC and also interested in recycling, reusing and refashioning.


    • Hello, Merci!! I’m so sorry I haven’t checked my blog in AAAAAGES. Yes, I am also from QC! Nice to find somebody nearby who is interested in doing the crazy stuff I do!

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