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27 February 2011

I have a new [sort of] obsession: making stamps!

I’ve wanted to try this particular art form for some time now and upon discovering this lovely blog the other day, I wanted to try it. NOW.

Due to unexpected circumstances yesterday, I found myself with a huge chunk of time to waste so I went to SM North to look for supplies for making stamps. As I said, I’ve wanted to try it for some time so I’ve already researched on materials. I couldn’t find Linoleum blocks for making linocut prints (I don’t even know what they look like) so I settled on getting a sheet of rubber sole from Deovir whose website says that it’s a good alternative to linoleum.

Here’s my loot:

  • Upper left: Lino cutter with interchangeable nibs. PhP224 from Deovir. They’re basically like woodcarving tools, I guess. I don’t know if I could use this for wood, though.
  • Lower left: My first ever X-Acto knife! ❤ I’ve always wanted one of these. PhP114 from Deovir. I also bought replacement blades, PhP 68 for 5 pieces
  • Right: Various erasers from National bookstore. I wanted to try which one was best for carving stamps out of.
  • Background: Rubber sole, 9″x12″ sheet. PhP 98 from Deovir. It smells like rubber. *BLECH*

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14 February 2011

Today is Valentine’s day, a time when lovers express their undying love through giving gifts, flowers, chocolates, going out on dates, and such. I can’t do all that because the love of my life is [quite a number of] miles away, so I decide on making something I can take a picture of and send online to my love. There is also the matter of my daily doodles. For the past few weeks I’ve started drawing random stuff in a notebook I bought for the purpose of getting back in the drawing groove. I do at least one a day so I keep a regular pace. Hopefully by the end of this exercise I become a better artist, or at least back to the height of my skills like in 2006.

To hit two birds with one stone, I made something for the boyfriend and placed it in the doodle notebook!

I’m fond of writing letters and cards to the boyfriend, but I usually end up writing way too much without proper composition. So now I really did some heavy editing and came up with…. two words: SUDDENLY, LOVE.

These two words speak so much about our relationship. It started out unexpectedly–at the wrong time, actually–yet love prevailed and here we are, almost four years together. Though the long distance is a challenge, love does not diminish. In fact, it grows ever stronger. Also, the song “Suddenly” from the movie Xanadu is one of our favorite songs to sing together, with him singing the girl parts while I sing the guy parts.

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Recycled Rainbow Connection

18 December 2010

While I was painting the paper I used for my lantern, I got the idea that I could use something similar as gift wrappers. I had a few tubes of usable paint left over and a couple more sheets of blueprint, I figured I should do just that. I only had yellow, red, blue and green left over, which were incidentally appropriate Christmas-y colors. I also had two sheets of blueprint left.

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17 December 2010

For one of my classes, in preparation for the annual UP Lantern Parade, we were required to design and create prototype lanterns to be carried by each student of the college. I was assigned to make one that (supposedly) represents the Home Economics Education Department (HEED). After wracking my brain on a design, making a few failed attempts, searching the internets for inspiration (or, if I was lucky, a straightforward DIY), I found this lovely chandelier thing made out of toilet paper rolls (which I totally cannot find right now. Sorry!). That became the jump-off point to make my prototype which I call a “Beacon”.

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