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Looky, Looky, Looky!

20 May 2011

Remember my first try at hand stitched book binding? I found a scrap of (synthetic) suede at Carolina’s and I cut and glued it on to make a cover! YAY! It looks so prettyyyyyyyy ❤

I’m considering sealing the whole thing in some sort of varnish or glaze because the paper will be exposed to moisture if used as a pendant. But if I do that all the glorious photocopied text would be hidden. What do you think?

I’ll make more of these when I scrounge up more leather. ^___^

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Surprise Craft Attack

13 May 2011

Who watched Art Attack on Disney Channel? Wasn’t that guy (I can’t recall his name) really awesome? I love his accent and how he says “PVA Glue” all the time. Anyway, this isn’t about that.

I was supposed to just do some stuff on my laptop this afternoon but when I realized there was still some daylight, I figured I could make a quick craft. I’ve been seeing a lot of fabric-covered bead necklaces around so I started making that. When I turned the fabric I sewed inside-out, I forced it a bit and popped some of the seams. My craft momentum slowed to a halt so I just sat back in front of my laptop and tied the thingy I made around my neck.

After a few hours, the look kinda grew on me. I like it.


See my bandaged finger. I cut myself while ripping out thread on another craft this morning. <sarcastic YAY>

oh, and that’s a safety pin hanging from one end.


The Cheapskate Experiments

11 May 2011

I’m always on the lookout for cheap alternatives to the usually expensive or unavailable-in-the-Philippines art and craft supplies. I once scoured the innarnets for an alternative to Mod Podge, and this thread was the best one I’ve found so far. Anyway, I found this nice tutorial and with me being the perennial packrat, I actually keep the circles from my hole punchers. But… “Structure Gel”…? I have no idea where to get that.

After poking around the internet a bit, I figured out that Structure gel is like a thick kind of Acrylic Medium. Of course my cheapskate instincts kick in and I started looking for an alternative. Besides, I didn’t have acrylic medium on hand and I wanted to try this project asap. A friend suggested I use white glue and that’s what I did.

So far so good, I guess. I’d still have to finish this with some kind of sealant or varnish because it will disintegrate if it gets wet. I’ll save that for another day.


Doing the Rounds

7 January 2011

Happy New Year! For my first craft-related blog post of the year, here’s some inspiration for future crafts. Sewing ones, in particular. Before the year ended I cleaned out my closet and found I had way too much t-shirts and collared polo shirts, and nothing much else. So for 2011 I’ll make it a point to have more variety in my clothing. But with me being such a cheap-o, I want to make use of some of my old clothes first before buying some new ones.

Actually, I already spent too much on new clothes while I was Christmas shopping. So by modifying old clothes, I hope to resist the urge to buy new ones. 😉

I had a little free time this afternoon so I went around window shopping in SM North, looked at the clothes, took some photos and listed down the stuff I could do to my old clothes. Sure, I could just google photos online, but then I wouldn’t be able to look at some details like stitches and construction. Also, the great thing about taking a look at the actual articles is that I could fit them and see if their styles look good on me, like the tulip skirt which I’ve liked for so long but was hesitant to buy.

So here they are. These are mostly applique and ruffles and details like that… stuff that I could actually do on my own.

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For the Ladies

23 December 2010

I bought gifts for a bunch of people, but there are some which I found were too plain. I got them cheap so I figured that I could make up for it by embellishing them a bit. These three tops are for my cousin, boyfriend’s sister and their cousin.

At first I laid the clothes out and sprinkled beads and sequins on them to visualize what I wanted to do. The tank top from Pink Soda was nice, but it needed a little sparkle:

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Crafting in CBTL

15 December 2010

Yesterday I attended a party dressed up as Sunshine Corazon in her “Telephone” scene. I had most of the costume down, but she had a bunch of colorful bangles, and I just HAD to have some of those.

Incidentally, a few days back I chanced upon this craft blog post which was perfect for the purpose. I found some black rubbery bracelets and rings at a bazaar (the whole bunch for just 10 pesos!) which I wrapped with yarn to give it some color.

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