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12 to Sew: January

31 January 2015

I started rummaging through the piles of old clothes and cloths (purchased, cut out and left over from previous projects) I’ve accumulated over the years to see what I could still use and which ones I wanted to bring to Shanghai and sew with my new machine (have I mentioned I live in Shanghai now???!?!??!). In the end I packed half the usable stuff in my luggage, a quarter I organized and folded neatly for storage, and the rest were scraps too small for an actual garment but still potentially useful.
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Looky, Looky, Looky!

20 May 2011

Remember my first try at hand stitched book binding? I found a scrap of (synthetic) suede at Carolina’s and I cut and glued it on to make a cover! YAY! It looks so prettyyyyyyyy ❤

I’m considering sealing the whole thing in some sort of varnish or glaze because the paper will be exposed to moisture if used as a pendant. But if I do that all the glorious photocopied text would be hidden. What do you think?

I’ll make more of these when I scrounge up more leather. ^___^

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The beginning of something wonderful

13 May 2011

A lot of my time online has been devoured by two websites: Pinterest and Craftgawker. When I saw these incredibly awesome pendants, I knew I just HAD to try my hand at making one (or some), especially when I learned that it was priced at 50USD each. Grah.

After a bit of research, here’s my first attempt using some paper ripped from an old photocopied handout I was using as scratch paper. Since it was tiny, I made holes with a needle and used normal sewing thread to bind the signatures.

Isn’t it awesome? It was nighttime (which explains the grainy, blurry photos) and I didn’t have leather sheets on hand so I’ll have to save that part for another day.

Here’s the 2-part video tutorial I followed:


Oh, Momma!

8 May 2011

This past week I had intended to lay off the crafts and not look at pinterest or any DIY blog I had on my bookmarks because I was trying (operative word: TRYING) to reorganize my stuff/stash/treasure trove and throw out anything that is not useful, only gathering dust, becoming home for insects, or basically decomposing due to neglect. I actually found a colony of tiny ants living underneath a cardboard box that held tubes of tracing paper I used in college. But with Mothers’ Day nearing, I took a little break from “cleaning” and pulled out some materials to make…. Headbands.

A while back I remember my mom was looking for these elastic headbands at the mall but she didn’t find any that she liked so I figured it’d be a nice gift for her. It was also timely that I came across this tutorial of a really simple headband. In the end I made five headbands (only one was made following the tutorial exactly) and I made my mom choose what she liked. She got two, and a bonus necklace which can be seen at the end of the post. I’ll keep one for myself, but the two others are UP FOR SALE! Here’s what they look like:

1. Knit-Sew — this is actually crocheted, not knitted, but “crothet-sew” doesn’t have a catchy ring like the other title. Anyway, all the materials I already had on hand: the tie is a white cord I had lying around, the circles were previous experiments on granny squares, while the band was actually the start of a table runner. It came from way back in the ’90s when I was beginning to like crochet. If you can’t tell yet, I quickly got lazy and stopped at the first inch. It’s amazing that it’s still white. Crocheted band = 40 cm; total lenth (with cord) = 76 cm

PhP 200

2. AquaNautics — (have you guessed by now that I just make those names up as I write?) I learned this beautiful knotted headband from this tutorial. But because my cord was too short, it didn’t go all the way to the back so I had to attach it to a coordinating fabric. The cord was bought a very long time ago (I used it to make a small drawstring bag before, I just kept the remaining material), the fabric is a nice patterned cotton I used in one of the skirt pockets I made, while the elastic inside was the one I took out from the sleeves of the pink blouse/dress here. The seams are done on a machine but the connection between the cord and fabric is hand stitched. Circumference = 53 cm (unstretched) 58 cm (stretched)

PhP 250

Orders can be coursed through email, for now. arkitek [dot] sara [at] gmail [dot] com


As for the last one, I’ll keep that one for myself because, despite the prettiness, I don’t think the quality is good enough for selling. I’ll make a better version someday, don’t worry! Here’s a quick (yet oddly lengthy) tutorial on how I made it!

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10 April 2011

Today I turned an underused skirt into a bag. This skirt was one of the first pieces of clothing that my boyfriend bought for me, so… sorry to him. LOL.

Before: Skirt. True to the blog post title, this skirt looks like a patchwork job made of small pieces (scraps) of the same army fatigue corduroy fabric

After: Bag!

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Recycled Rainbow Connection

18 December 2010

While I was painting the paper I used for my lantern, I got the idea that I could use something similar as gift wrappers. I had a few tubes of usable paint left over and a couple more sheets of blueprint, I figured I should do just that. I only had yellow, red, blue and green left over, which were incidentally appropriate Christmas-y colors. I also had two sheets of blueprint left.

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17 December 2010

For one of my classes, in preparation for the annual UP Lantern Parade, we were required to design and create prototype lanterns to be carried by each student of the college. I was assigned to make one that (supposedly) represents the Home Economics Education Department (HEED). After wracking my brain on a design, making a few failed attempts, searching the internets for inspiration (or, if I was lucky, a straightforward DIY), I found this lovely chandelier thing made out of toilet paper rolls (which I totally cannot find right now. Sorry!). That became the jump-off point to make my prototype which I call a “Beacon”.

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The reason I was drinking more Nescafé Mocha

29 September 2010

… was to make a new handle for this bag!

My mom and I have been collecting aluminum can pull tabs to make a new handle because the strap the bag came with was, to put it bluntly, ugly.

Here’s a photo I took a few months back. The black cord is the original strap. It looked… un-classy. At that time I was experimenting on how to thread the pull tabs properly, but in the end I went to a mall and took a good look at the available bracelets in the same style.

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Craft Attack

4 July 2010

It’s been so long since I last made something with my hands, and I felt that I just had to do something about it. I had the “need to bead,” as my crafty friend Chique put it. Besides, it’s been ages since my last craft blog post. So one morning I pulled out some beads and random materials and made some earrings.

Earrings are very simple to do, so I figured it’s a quick way to satisfy my crafty cravings. Despite how easy they are to make, I hardly make earrings. The thing about earrings is that I don’t use them. Correction: I can’t use them. My ears are very sensitive for some unknown reason and the only ones I can use are silver or gold ones. Still, I have to clean them before wearing and I have to be veeeery careful when putting them on otherwise my earlobes would get red and puffy and irritated.

Nevertheless, I took out the a few fish hooks I had and made some earrings. I suppose I could sell these or give them away as gifts someday. In the end I came up with not one, not two, but four earrings!

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Turtle’s Treasure

24 May 2010

This is my Turtles box. My uncle gave it to me (unfortunately, without the Chocolate Turtles inside) many, many years ago and it has been the home of my magazine clippings ever since. But these aren’t the usual clippings. You won’t find any meaningful articles here. What I do is cut out words or phrases and pictures or graphics that I like and keep them here.

What do I do with all this junk, you ask? At first I didn’t know, I just liked collecting stuff, and these clippings have often funny, witty, or unusual words and phrases. Some are small illustrations that I just like. Most of these are from advertisements and article titles in old Fortune magazines. I even had a phase when I would buy old magazines from book sales just for this purpose. Some are cool-designed tags of clothes and other products. Some are packaging (see that Starbucks Tazo Mint wrapper?) and wrappers from Japanese sweets.

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