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12 to Sew: January

31 January 2015

I started rummaging through the piles of old clothes and cloths (purchased, cut out and left over from previous projects) I’ve accumulated over the years to see what I could still use and which ones I wanted to bring to Shanghai and sew with my new machine (have I mentioned I live in Shanghai now???!?!??!). In the end I packed half the usable stuff in my luggage, a quarter I organized and folded neatly for storage, and the rest were scraps too small for an actual garment but still potentially useful.
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31 January 2015

If you know me personally, you already know all the things that hve kept me insanely busy since my last blog post in 2011. Well actually the “insanely busy” part was just the past 2 years; the other years was just me being a lazy-assed blogger.



Uhhhhh…. bit by bit, I suppose. A few recent events spurned this decision:

  • I’ve been revisiting some of my favorite craft blogs recently (C&C and NDAD), and dove back into the time sink that is Pinterest
  • the husband bought me a new sewing machine (have I mentioned that I got married in 2012???)
  • I want to make things for my boys (have I mentioned that I gave birth to twin boys in 2013??!?!?!!)
  • the crafty little devil inside me is just itching to make stuff!

On Thursday (Jan29) I posted a little teaser of the things coming soon…well it was more like “part 1” than an actual teaser, but work with me here.

I want to MAKE AND BLOG ABOUT AT LEAST ONE SEWING PROJECT PER MONTH in an effort to get my crafting and blogging groove back. If I make and post more stuff beyond that, then that’d be awesome. As it isn’t a 365 nor an 52 project, I’ll call it “12 to Sew.”

Aaaaaand it all starts with the next post :p


What a tease

29 January 2015