8 December 2010

Another semester rolled in, and for one class I’m in a group assigned to do a presentation about Chinese furniture. We’ve got the usual powerpoint down, but there’s always the need to make things more interesting. One of the things we usually do in group reports is have a game (with prizes, of course). It’s a fun way of asking questions about the presentation to check if the class learned anything. We’re using these paper fortune cookies with the questions inside.


Next, which is  totally unnecessary but quite cute to have, I made a garland of “Chinese lanterns” to hang across the top of the projector screen. The process is quite simple, really:


– Red and black construction paper

– Glue

– Scissors

– String (I used yarn for this)


The How-to:

1. Cut little lantern shapes out of the red construction paper. I folded a 9″x12″ sheet into six then cut out the shape.

2. Cut out rectangles that are as long as the tab at each end of the lantern shape. The width may vary, just proportion it to your red pieces. You should have two black ones for every red lantern. Glue them on, except for one side.

3. Cut the desired length of string, sandwich in the open black tab, then glue the tab in place. Alternately, you could just thread the string through the black parts.

4. Do the same for the rest of the little lanterns. Don’t worry about the spacing, because you could just slide them to where you need them later.

Hang and enjoy! You could paint Chinese characters in the middle with gold paint or whatever you like. I glued little triangles of black paper at the ends of the string as a finishing touch.


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