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Ready for the Tea Party

29 April 2011

I have a bunch of sewn stuff that I’m actually willing to sell. I’ve been hesitant to sell some of the stuff I’ve made because I’m still trying to improve my sewing machine skills. But these pass my high standards so now I allow myself to share these with you. Besides, though I love what I made, they aren’t really my style so I probably wouldn’t use them myself. It’d be better if somebody else does 🙂

They’re sort of in a similar theme, I imagine wearing these to a picnic or a tea party (hence the title). We don’t do tea parties here where I come from :p

1. Granny Cardi(gan) – The cardigan is an extremely rarely used piece (I have a blue one and I use that). I think I’ve only used it twice. It was bought many, many years ago at Cinderella; cream colored with a golden sheen; is fastened only by a hook at the collar; size: small (my beautiful measurements here). I added the ruffles and the hem which are repurposed elastic lace and stretchy beige fabric.

PhP 300

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Nailed it

27 February 2011

Recently I discovered this awesome website: It’s kinda like tumblr where you post and/or reblog stuff, but this organizes your stuff into categories easier and it automatically links to the original source (which is helpful for DIY stuff). Anyway, one of the first images that caught my eye was this totally awesome nail art:

Thanks to Ana who found the tutorial (it’s in French, so use Google Translate) and Karen whose plurk reminded me of this, I finally bought some beige nail color and tried it for myself. And here’s the result!

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