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Circle skirt

28 May 2011

Sometimes I just go into fabric stores and look around. Sometimes I come out with nothing, but on May 16 I bought something.


Anyway I wasn’t really sure what to do with it at the time, I just liked the color and design. A friend suggested a skirt, and I thought that was a good idea. I just didn’t get around to doing it until now. Plus, I was busy with some other sewing project (and work, which I started just this week). I had quite a lot of this fabric so I figured I had enough to make this circle skirt which was simple enough. When I had bought some wide elastic, I went to work on it right away.

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Back it up, Back it up

16 May 2011

These are just a bunch of modifications of my clothes that I find too poofy. I pin these every time I wear them so I figured I might as well make them permanent. I’m not much of a belt person and I didn’t want to change the front of these blouses so I tucked them at the back.

Candidate #1 is an orange blouse from Apple & Eve. One of the most expensive articles of clothing I’ve bought! I got a medium because the chub on my arms prevented me from buying the smaller size. So I have nice fitting sleeves but it was extra-poofy around the waist. The front wasn’t very different in the before and after, though. But it feels better now.

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9 April 2011

The number one thing I want for my skirts are pockets. I love my skirts, but I hate having to hold my small things (phone, lip balm, loose change, etc) or have them all jumbled up in my bag. That’s why one of the first things I thought of doing when I started my sewing projects was to put pockets in my skirts. At least, those that can have pockets.

Even before I relearned using the sewing machine, I’ve been going around fabric shops buying 1-yard lengths of fabric to use for this (among other small things). I folded them in half and cut them into pocket-shaped pieces, sewed around it (twice, but not forgetting to leave one side open), partially ripped open the side seams of my skirts and sewed the pockets on.

Here’s what it looks like on the inside:

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4 April 2011

As I said in my previous post, I had a bunch of projects lined up, and I already finished some of them. They aren’t really very complicated so I was able to finish them in a day.

This wouldn’t be a proper “Makeover” if it didn’t have Before & After pics, right? So here they are! Enjoy!

1. Pink long blouse/dress –┬áToo short for a dress, too long for a blouse. Since I’m not using it as a dress anytime soon, I chopped it up and made it into a normal-length blouse. I also removed the elastic from the sleeves because it was constricting the blood flow to my fat arms. :p



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Doing the Rounds

7 January 2011

Happy New Year! For my first craft-related blog post of the year, here’s some inspiration for future crafts. Sewing ones, in particular. Before the year ended I cleaned out my closet and found I had way too much t-shirts and collared polo shirts, and nothing much else. So for 2011 I’ll make it a point to have more variety in my clothing. But with me being such a cheap-o, I want to make use of some of my old clothes first before buying some new ones.

Actually, I already spent too much on new clothes while I was Christmas shopping. So by modifying old clothes, I hope to resist the urge to buy new ones. ­čśë

I had a little free time this afternoon so I went around window shopping in SM North, looked at the clothes, took some photos and listed down the stuff I could do to my old clothes. Sure, I could just google photos online, but then I wouldn’t be able to look at some details like stitches and construction. Also, the great thing about taking a look at the actual articles is that I could fit them and see if their styles look good on me, like the tulip skirt which I’ve liked for so long but was hesitant to buy.

So here they are. These are mostly applique and ruffles and details like that… stuff that I could actually do on my own.

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For the Ladies

23 December 2010

I bought gifts for a bunch of people, but there are some which I found were too plain. I got them cheap so I figured that I could make up for it by embellishing them a bit. These three tops are for my cousin, boyfriend’s sister and their cousin.

At first I laid the clothes out and sprinkled beads and sequins on them to visualize what I wanted to do. The tank top from Pink Soda was nice, but it needed a little sparkle:

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90’s Retro Chic

9 December 2010

One of my classes this semester is Decorative Arts and Soft Furnishings, which is a sort of arts and crafts kind of class. Last time we made textile designs with huge sheets of canvas and fabric paint. This time, as we were on the topic of dyeing methods, we made tie dye shirts!

*Insert flashbacks of childhood here*

One of my ultimate favorite shirts when I was a kid was an oversized T-shirt tie dyed with neon colors. I didn’t let go of it until it was torn and tattered. In third grade my brother and I made our own crappy tie dye as the sports fest uniform of his class. Those were the tacky and psychedelic times of tie dye. Now there are really awesome examples of the same dyeing method that don’t look as dated. That was what I was aiming for.

I started with a basic white cotton t-shirt which I cut up a bit from the sleeves and collar just so it won’t be so basic.┬áSome (a lot of) rubber bands, two dye colors later, here it is!

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Embellish This!

7 June 2010

As a last hurrah before the new semester begins, I took out a plain white blouse that has been in my closet for months and embellished it with beads. I actually bought it for this purpose, but somehow I never got around to modifying it until now. As you can see from the “Before” photo, it really is just plain. Sure, it has some ruching here and there, but it was…. bleh. ┬áThe idea also came from other clothes that I have and used to have. I have one white blouse with white beading on it, and I have another with a flower-shaped sequin-and-beads embellishment. I used to have a tank top with random colored wooden beads on it given as a Christmas gift (brand: Maldita), but I wasn’t girly enough to wear it at that time so I gave it away. The inspiration for the design came from “bib necklaces” which look really nice, but something I wouldn’t exactly pick out at a store.┬áThe collar’s shape on this particular blouse was perfect for that purpose. It practically screamed, “EMBELLISH ME!” and that’s exactly what I did.


I took out the beads which I hardly used and the scrap ones that couldn’t be used for many other purposes, mixed them up (still considering the compatibility of colors, of course) and laid out a basic plan to follow. The giant red oblong ones are actually shells (not 100% sure if they’re colored capiz) from a necklace that I didn’t particularly like.

I also pulled out my very, very old stash of embroidery threads and searched for colors that matched some of the bigger beads. For everything else, I just used white sewing thread.

Read more to view how it progressed from BLEH to :

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Ukay Manila Dress Mod

3 May 2010

I joined the Ukay Manila online contest just for kicks, but I never expected that I would win! Admittedly, I’m not very lucky with these random-pick contests/raffles, so this was quite a surprise.

I got my prizes in less than a week and tried the dress on immediately because based on the measurements, I didn’t expect it to fit me. If it didn’t, then I’d probably give it to my younger cousin as a gift. But it did fit. The sleeves weren’t too tight and the length was just right. It was perfect except for one tiny thing: the slit between the buttons at the bust area is a gaping hole. Wow, I never thought that my chest would ever be too big for anything. LOL.

Because I was a crafty little devil, I thought up ways of how I could fix that tiny problem. A pin would’ve been the easiest, but it would only be temporary, and I didn’t have any good nice brooches I could use.┬áPlus, it’d look odd if I had a brooch right smack in the middle, right? I also thought of making a necklace with a huge pendant but that doesn’t work because I don’t prefer wearing those and I’m very active and the slightest movement would reveal the gap. So what I did was cut the garter that was the root cause of the hole and replaced it with something to tie a ribbon at the back so that the shape of the dress would still be the same. Here’s how I did it:

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