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bubble baubles

17 May 2011

I don’t have chains. I’ve always used nylon string for the accessories I make, and the only metal I use are the clasps and jump rings. I do have a supply of wire, but based on my previous experiment, I’ve concluded I need a thicker gauge. So for me to make this bubbly bracelet I saw a tutorial of, I had to make one by connecting these short chains meant for adjustable clasp things. Anyway, after a full morning of twisting and wrestling with various pliers, I eventually ended up with these:


1. Bubble bauble — pearly, shimmery, bronze-y plastic beads attached to a makeshift chain bracelet.

PhP 100 (Bird and branch not included)


2. Cluster pendants — Leftover beads from the bracelet ended up as pendants because I love the color combination so much 🙂 Suspended on coated wire thingies (Yeah I don’t know what they’re called). The second one is smaller, but has a small metal flower accompanying it.

PhP 80 each





14 May 2011

Dainty – made with sheer fabric, wood beads and buttons.


PhP 130


Wire, Pins and Other Things

10 May 2011

Today I tried a bunch of experiments with wire. I should get thicker gauge wire someday.

inspirations/sources: [1] [2] [3]

Also, I saw these lovely pincushions and realized how pitiful my makeshift pincushion was. So I pulled out an old sponge and wrapped it with cloth.

Finally, a necklace from a bracelet and a pinecone-ish pendant made of ribbon. Yes, I am wearing a restaurant shirt.

I’m planning to do this next, similar to the yellow-and-green triangle things up top. Let’s see how far my patience takes me.



When the Craftista fails

25 April 2011

I don’t always make pretty things. I have a lot of failed experiments, but I just don’t post them here. Here’s one project, though, that I’m willing to share because it’s as frustrating as it is funny.

The scenario: I have a bead belt, all sparkly and stuff.

It had pretty hexagonal medallions and is made of lots and lots of beads.

The thing is, these things aren’t my type. I chose to deconstruct it. I had the plan all laid out. I was gonna chop it up into sections and make something out of each part.

After a full morning of cutting, rolling (and flying) beads, too-short string that won’t knot tightly, I ended up with this:

Hahaha so my plan failed. No biggie, I could just use these beads for something else… some other day. 😀


For the Ladies

23 December 2010

I bought gifts for a bunch of people, but there are some which I found were too plain. I got them cheap so I figured that I could make up for it by embellishing them a bit. These three tops are for my cousin, boyfriend’s sister and their cousin.

At first I laid the clothes out and sprinkled beads and sequins on them to visualize what I wanted to do. The tank top from Pink Soda was nice, but it needed a little sparkle:

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Craft Attack

4 July 2010

It’s been so long since I last made something with my hands, and I felt that I just had to do something about it. I had the “need to bead,” as my crafty friend Chique put it. Besides, it’s been ages since my last craft blog post. So one morning I pulled out some beads and random materials and made some earrings.

Earrings are very simple to do, so I figured it’s a quick way to satisfy my crafty cravings. Despite how easy they are to make, I hardly make earrings. The thing about earrings is that I don’t use them. Correction: I can’t use them. My ears are very sensitive for some unknown reason and the only ones I can use are silver or gold ones. Still, I have to clean them before wearing and I have to be veeeery careful when putting them on otherwise my earlobes would get red and puffy and irritated.

Nevertheless, I took out the a few fish hooks I had and made some earrings. I suppose I could sell these or give them away as gifts someday. In the end I came up with not one, not two, but four earrings!

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Embellish This!

7 June 2010

As a last hurrah before the new semester begins, I took out a plain white blouse that has been in my closet for months and embellished it with beads. I actually bought it for this purpose, but somehow I never got around to modifying it until now. As you can see from the “Before” photo, it really is just plain. Sure, it has some ruching here and there, but it was…. bleh.  The idea also came from other clothes that I have and used to have. I have one white blouse with white beading on it, and I have another with a flower-shaped sequin-and-beads embellishment. I used to have a tank top with random colored wooden beads on it given as a Christmas gift (brand: Maldita), but I wasn’t girly enough to wear it at that time so I gave it away. The inspiration for the design came from “bib necklaces” which look really nice, but something I wouldn’t exactly pick out at a store. The collar’s shape on this particular blouse was perfect for that purpose. It practically screamed, “EMBELLISH ME!” and that’s exactly what I did.


I took out the beads which I hardly used and the scrap ones that couldn’t be used for many other purposes, mixed them up (still considering the compatibility of colors, of course) and laid out a basic plan to follow. The giant red oblong ones are actually shells (not 100% sure if they’re colored capiz) from a necklace that I didn’t particularly like.

I also pulled out my very, very old stash of embroidery threads and searched for colors that matched some of the bigger beads. For everything else, I just used white sewing thread.

Read more to view how it progressed from BLEH to :

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5 May 2010

These are crossover posts from my 365/everyday learning blog. I sometimes post pictures of myself making crafts and how I make them so I don’t think it’s really wise to rewrite them here. Therefore…. LINKS!

Plastic Crochet


Beaded Slippers


Hardbound notebooks