12 to Sew: May

6 June 2015

Last month I did absolutely nothing, so I set my mind that I would definitely do something this time. I did cut it quite close and it’s a very simple alteration (haha what else is new?) but it’s better than nothing, right?

First is a Uniqlo maxi dress I bought when I was pregnant in 2013. The length was fine that time because my huge belly hiked it up enough for me not to trip on it. But when my balloon belly is gone it’s too long for a non-heels wearer such as myself.

It’s a simple process of fitting, cutting and straight stitch hemming. 

I ended up taking 4 inches off the hem. That’s how too-long it was for little me. 

I got an instant turband, though!

The second one is an old long blouse I bought at some ukay-ukay for a steal. It was white when I got it and as you can see it’s already been victim to my craftista tendencies with a so-called “ombre” orange dip-dye. It was during that DIY session that I discovered it was actually from Uniqlo.

I’ve had this for years and I haven’t worn it in a very long time. Now I’ve grown tired of the bell-shaped sleeves and it’s almost summer over here in SH so it’s off with the sleeves!
I cut off the sleeves leaving a bit of seam allowance first just to try it but when I couldn’t figure out how to hem it, I just cut it close to the serged seams–careful not to cut any threads–and left the edges raw. It was a jersey material so I wasn’t worried about fraying.

After fitting, I needed to take in some material at the armpits so this became a legit sewing project. 

Aaaand that’s it! 

Yeah, yeah. I need a better location for my photos. I’ll figure it out next time, I hope. no promises ;p


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