12 to Sew: April

10 May 2015

subtitle: No-Show a.k.a. “I have nothing to show for this month”

I did plan on a bunch of things for this month but something happened: I found out I was pregnant.

YAY, right? Of course it’s happy news, except that it was sort of unplanned (we did want to have another kid, but not exactly this early. The twins would be just a bit over two years by my die date) and I dreaded the first trimester. Based on my previous pregnancy, my first three months were hellish: daily vomiting and extreme lethargy were the worst parts.

Thankfully, this time the vomiting rarely happened, which was the part I hated the most, probably because I was just carrying one this time instead of two. I did feel sleepy most of the day but at least I could still keep up with the twins. They cut down their sleep to once a day so the only chance I got to do some sewing was given up so that I could get some much needed shut-eye.

So that was the story of my April. The only times I could sew was while the twins napped but all I did was either nap with them or I had to go out on errands on my bike which I wanted to ride as much as I can while I still can.

Sorry! I promise to make up for it on May, and in the coming months when I  feel much better. 


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