Spring is Coming

25 March 2015

In case you’re wondering: yes, that is a weak Game of Thrones reference. The opportunity presented itself, who am I to pass it up? :p

Anyway, my quick project was a simple revamp of this DIY wreath I made last December:

After a bit of watered down acrylic and sprigs from a tree downstairs, the wreath is now updated for the coming season:

Here’s a closeup of the watercolor effect

Sometimes I think it looks a bit trashy but overall it’s quite pretty. Plus, ths spring buds give it a dainty touch.



  1. Why have I only found your blog just now?!
    Anyway, just wanted to leave a message to say your blog is fab and very entertaining. Crafting is also very therapeutic for me, and I always have multiple projects going on/planned!
    Keep Calm & Craft On!
    (This is Marj from UP Arki, I’m not sure if you still remember me. :))

    • Hi Marj!! Of course I remember you! 🙂 thank you for the compliments! I’m still trying to add more crafts and blogging in my current hectic life so it’s great that you enjoy my site 🙂
      Keep on crafting! I hope to see some of your projects, too

  2. Your twins are super cute, btw! 🙂
    Some of my crafting projects are in my blog, http://marjitecture.wordpress.com 🙂

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