12 to sew: February

26 February 2015

I’m finally back in Shanghai! The twins and I were supposed to be here a month ago but certain unforseen and inexplicable events concerning certain babies’ passports prevented us from flying. So after almost a month later, we’re here. The past week was spent readjusting to life back in the winter cold; back to living in a small condominium; back to language barriers and no extra helping hands.

Well… Actually most of the week was wasted lazing around, eating out and looking for stuff to do because it was Chinese New Year holiday week. I did do some home organizing and laundry, though!

Speaking of laundry, that’s related to my project this month: a clothes hamper!

I’ve been meaning to buy a hamper but never got around to doing it. We just use these plastic basins (thanks, Beth!) and recently I’ve been putting dirty clothes in the baby bathtub and even straight in the washing machine. See exhibit A:

The lightbulb moment came when I saw the barely used plastic chairs stacked in the corner. I figured I could use that as a base/frame for my hamper. Now all I need is enough fabric to make a laundry bag to fit.
I rummaged through my luggage (which has yet to be unpacked) and found no raw fabric large enough for the job. But I did find this oversized shirt I bought from an ukay-ukay in Cubao.

I tried fitting it onto the (upturned) chair and it fit perfectly and I find the color and pattern quite appropriate for the neon orange chair.

Now all I need to do is close off the openings and make a laundry bag out of it! I finally got to use my brand new sewing machine (Lord knows I need to practice using it). Turned the shirt inside out, sewed the sleeves and neckline shut with a simple straight stitch, turned it back right side out and fitted it back onto the chair.

Voila! A makeshift laundry hamper! When the twins are older I’ll attach a toy basketball ring to this, but that’ll be another DIY post 😉

The twins approve, I think.



  1. How your brain jumped from chair to laundry basket is magnificent. I approve. And Hi BBs! Where is the Beck?

    • Thank you! Haha honestly I should’ve thought of this months ago. I think the pressure of having to make a quick sewing craft helped. Beck is here, being cranky as usual. LOL

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