12 to Sew: January

31 January 2015

I started rummaging through the piles of old clothes and cloths (purchased, cut out and left over from previous projects) I’ve accumulated over the years to see what I could still use and which ones I wanted to bring to Shanghai and sew with my new machine (have I mentioned I live in Shanghai now???!?!??!). In the end I packed half the usable stuff in my luggage, a quarter I organized and folded neatly for storage, and the rest were scraps too small for an actual garment but still potentially useful.

I scrounged through Pinterest for ideas and…got lost in it. So many things to make with scrap fabric! It was overwhelming, but I made a short list of the ones I wanted to do, and for a crafter restarting after a long hiatus, something small was appropriate. Well, some thingsss small. I made quite a few:

1. Knotted and braided jersey cuff from cloth left over from bridesmaid dresses

2. Bow cuff made from an old shirt cuff

3. Passport holders for the family made completely from scrap fabric (Step-by-step to follow soon)

I also did something with the itty-bitty scraps I still had based on this tutorial I found, but I broke the needle on the ancient machine. Huhu good thing that was the last thing I tried to make today.

What a refreshing way to start the new year! Let’s make more stuff!



  1. hi! those passport holders look cute! keep on sewing, Sara!

    • Wheeee thanks! I will! 😉

  2. Oooh bracelet! Ooooh passport holders! On Christmas break I cut up some failed t-shirt cutting projects and turned them into necklaces. I was supposed to give them as gifts but ended up keeping them. Har.

    Make more stuff!

    • Haha just make some more to give as gifts since they’re super fast and easy to make 😉

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