Looky, Looky, Looky!

20 May 2011

Remember my first try at hand stitched book binding? I found a scrap of (synthetic) suede at Carolina’s and I cut and glued it on to make a cover! YAY! It looks so prettyyyyyyyy ❤

I’m considering sealing the whole thing in some sort of varnish or glaze because the paper will be exposed to moisture if used as a pendant. But if I do that all the glorious photocopied text would be hidden. What do you think?

I’ll make more of these when I scrounge up more leather. ^___^

In other news, I’ve been thinking a lot about product packaging and I decided to make as stamp of my website to use on tags, cards and other packaging material. I carved out letters on the side of a Maped Technic eraser (12 pesos only!). I began using the lino cutter, but the nibs were to large for the tiny letters so I used my Xacto knife instead.

I accidentally cut out the [dot] at the dotcom so I’ll just draw it on. I don’t want to repeat this! It’s too difficult!

I also made an “Ang Craftista” one on the other side of the same eraser. Here it is on an envelope. Somebody will receive this package soon 🙂



  1. It looks like something Lardee and Ickle can read. Or try to, anyway.

    • heeheehee ^___^ that thought makes it even more cute

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