Back it up, Back it up

16 May 2011

These are just a bunch of modifications of my clothes that I find too poofy. I pin these every time I wear them so I figured I might as well make them permanent. I’m not much of a belt person and I didn’t want to change the front of these blouses so I tucked them at the back.

Candidate #1 is an orange blouse from Apple & Eve. One of the most expensive articles of clothing I’ve bought! I got a medium because the chub on my arms prevented me from buying the smaller size. So I have nice fitting sleeves but it was extra-poofy around the waist. The front wasn’t very different in the before and after, though. But it feels better now.

The buttons are old stock I rummaged in my dad’s sewing kit. I painted them with acrylic (I only had green, white and black. LOL) and gave it a gloss finish with clear nail polish. I also dipped two extra buttons and made those into earrings! They look like green m&ms.

Candidate #2 is a thrifted blouse that I absolutely love but I always pin a crocheted thin belt on it so I could tie it at the back. When I first bought this it had green buttons on the sleeves which I promptly removed. Thankfully I rediscovered them while looking for buttons to use on the previous blouse, and attached them to the back. I made loops out of braided embroidery thread/floss and attached those to the sides of the blouse. I saw this style while I was queued at the bank one day on a lady a few spots in front of me.

Ugh, sorry, blurry photo. Here’s a detail of the button and loop.

The great thing about this is that I could still thread the crocheted belt through the loops whenever I liked! YAY!



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