When the Craftista fails

25 April 2011

I don’t always make pretty things. I have a lot of failed experiments, but I just don’t post them here. Here’s one project, though, that I’m willing to share because it’s as frustrating as it is funny.

The scenario: I have a bead belt, all sparkly and stuff.

It had pretty hexagonal medallions and is made of lots and lots of beads.

The thing is, these things aren’t my type. I chose to deconstruct it. I had the plan all laid out. I was gonna chop it up into sections and make something out of each part.

After a full morning of cutting, rolling (and flying) beads, too-short string that won’t knot tightly, I ended up with this:

Hahaha so my plan failed. No biggie, I could just use these beads for something else… some other day. 😀


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