When 2 Become 1 and then some

11 April 2011

In case you’re wondering: Yes, I was a Spice Girls fan. I was a teenager, go figure.

Today I finally got thread to (almost) match the aqua shirt I’ve cut up to attach to a skirt. I say almost because I settled on a more turquoise (darker) shade. I couldn’t find a better match. I’ve cut, measured, pinned and basted the top since last week, but I only got around to sewing them today.

Here’s the top. It was a T-shirt in its previous life, now I cropped the bottom and removed the sleeves.

Here’s the skirt. When I wear it properly, it falls just above my ankles. If I wear it empire style, it stops at mid-calf.

And when 2 become 1…

It’s a dress! Oh, plus flowers made out of the scraps cut from the top, tutorial here (left) and here (right).

Then suddenly, necklace!

I was trying to make a bigger version of the flower on the right, but it started curling in on itself and it reminded me of this so I figured I’d continue and make it into a pom pom. Then I sewed in a jump ring (small wire ring), stole the chain from my robot necklace and threaded it through. LOVE!



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