10 April 2011

Today I turned an underused skirt into a bag. This skirt was one of the first pieces of clothing that my boyfriend bought for me, so… sorry to him. LOL.

Before: Skirt. True to the blog post title, this skirt looks like a patchwork job made of small pieces (scraps) of the same army fatigue corduroy fabric

After: Bag!

For a moment I thought of just hemming it to make a shorter skirt, but…. no.


Here’s the detail of the corner. I just followed the instructions on how to make the boxy corner from this tutorial.

Now I have another new bag!

I put one of my full bags inside. It seems to be holding up to the weight :p

My issue with the bag, though, is that it’s too open. I’m still figuring out how to close it without using a zipper (because I don’t have any). Any suggestions?


The other stuff I did were made of scraps I cut out from the clothes I’ve already cut up. First are fabric flowers made with the extra purple cloth from the ruffled blouse (tutorial here):


For the rest of the scraps, I made necklaces, inspired by some of the DIY stuff I’ve been seeing around the crafty sites. Necklace #1 is the hem of a brown shirt that I’m re-hemming (if there’s such a word) because of a small hole. I pinned the sequined flower brooch I made just for fun. I might replace this with a fabric flower, though.


Necklace #2 is a more random thing, I braided some strips of the purple fabric and twisted the others, and sewed them all together at the back.



  1. What a bright idea on the skirt-bag? Eyeloveetttt!!!

    • 😉 simulan mo nang ilista/skecth yung mga projects na gusto mong gawin 🙂

  2. […] I also used the seams of the cut up hems. If you remember, the brown one was one of the necklaces here. I put some pompoms and looped the aqua […]

  3. Hello Sara! 🙂

    I kinda like the skirt. I’m not much of a skirt girl because I have this worry that the wind will blow and… y’know. Hehe. I do love the bag though. It looks sturdy and very functional. Also, I’m just now starting to browse your blog and I’m really liking it! Cheers! 🙂

    • I used to be a forever-pants girl myself, and I hardly use skirts especially since I commute a lot.
      Thanks for visiting! I appreciate it so much 🙂

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