Lapu-Lapu in the Bag

5 April 2011

Back to sewing…

This is actually the item that gave me the idea to relearn using the sewing machine (actually, no. I wanted to put pockets on my skirts but this bag was the final straw, I guess). My mom got this canvas bag from an event (PinoyME, “ME” as in Micro Enterprise) a few months ago. We discovered the Lapu Lapu flour print on the inside which we absolutely loved, but the handles leave much to be desired. I turned it inside out,  removed the wooden handles (I’ll force my mom to make a scroll wall hanging out of it someday), put in a lining fabric, and new handles out of the lining fabric and some leftover canvas cloth from a school project. Voila! New, awesome, usable bag!

Before (well, before sewing but after turning it inside-out):

After: Mighty Lapu Lapu is now exposed for all to see and admire.


Patterned cotton lining fabric and a canvas pocket

Thinking of adding a fabric flower. Yes? No? Too girly for Lapu Lapu, or witty contrast?

Yay new bag~!



  1. I actually bought similar wooden handles for a potential knitted/crocheted bag project in the future XDDD Anyway, nice job with the bag.

    However, this post does not just make me want to start on a new bag project. It makes me wish I have a sack of flour for baking! XDDD

    • Hahaha di ko lang type yung wooden handles. It works for others, though 🙂

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