4 April 2011

As I said in my previous post, I had a bunch of projects lined up, and I already finished some of them. They aren’t really very complicated so I was able to finish them in a day.

This wouldn’t be a proper “Makeover” if it didn’t have Before & After pics, right? So here they are! Enjoy!

1. Pink long blouse/dress – Too short for a dress, too long for a blouse. Since I’m not using it as a dress anytime soon, I chopped it up and made it into a normal-length blouse. I also removed the elastic from the sleeves because it was constricting the blood flow to my fat arms. :p




2. Purple dress/nightie – I used this dress to two weddings already, and in-between I discovered that it was actually clothing for sleeping! No wonder it was so comfy. LOL. I got this at a bargain and I love the soft purple fabric so much, but the peep hole in the bust area and the spaghetti straps don’t really jive with my relatively modest fashion sensibilities, so I had to cover them up. I don’t think I’m wearing this to another wedding, so I cut off the bottom to make it blouse-length and used the scraps to make sleeves and cover up the hole with ruffles. I have an extra strip of purple cloth, I might add a fabric flower to it some other day.


After: please don’t notice the disparity of skin tones D:

Detail: The top ruffle and sleeves are hand sewn because I couldn’t sew it that tight on the machine. See the hemmed edge? That was the original hem of the dress. The fabric doesn’t fray so I didn’t hem the others (read: lazy)


3. Tie dye shirt – I cut up a plain white T-shirt for a school tie dye project, but I cut the neckline a bit too big, so I adjusted it so that it doesn’t fall off my shoulders anymore.

After (because I couldn’t find a “Before” pic):

Detail: I better improve my seam alignment skills


4. White blouse – I always fold up the sleeves of this blouse because there’s a small tear near one of the cuffs, so I (finally) cut it up and made it into a 3/4 sleeve permanently.

After (yes, I forgot again):

Detail: Simple enough, eh? But it was difficult maneuvering the fold so that I don’t accidentally sew the sleeve closed (I actually did, partially). I might add the button from the original cuff, someday.

4.5. Mystery (articles of) clothing – can you guess what I’m going to use this for? 😀 I also cut up a few more in different fabric, depending on the color of clothing I’m going to attach these to.


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