SINGER SEW-ngwriter

3 April 2011

LOL sorry I couldn’t help making puns.

In the weeks prior to this year’s summer vacation I resolved to relearn how to use our old Singer sewing machine. I say “relearn” because I was taught how to sew on a manual machine in my home economics class in elementary. Of course that was looooooong ago and I wasn’t really into the whole homemaking and practical arts stuff at that time (I still suck at cooking, though I try sometimes). This machine is actually older than me, and came from my dad’s family who used to have a tailor shop in Tondo, Manila. Actually, I have some paternal relatives who still practice tailoring/dressmaking/sewing.

My dad loves to teach me stuff (although I’m not always receptive to his lectures) so you could imagine his enthusiasm when I asked him to help me. He gave me a piece of cloth to practice my straight lines on, and I worked all morning on it. He even moved the heavy (solid steel) thing upstairs so I could work in peace (i.e. no dogs squeezing their way between my legs and stuff).

I have a bunch of projects lined up, mostly clothes that I don’t use much because I want to adjust them. In the meantime, here’s more photos of our sewing machine :p

Beautiful machinery

Serial number

Foot pedal. All manual, baby!


One comment

  1. I want one!!! My goal is to relearn sewing this year too. 🙂

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