Nailed it

27 February 2011

Recently I discovered this awesome website: Pinterest.com. It’s kinda like tumblr where you post and/or reblog stuff, but this organizes your stuff into categories easier and it automatically links to the original source (which is helpful for DIY stuff). Anyway, one of the first images that caught my eye was this totally awesome nail art:

Thanks to Ana who found the tutorial (it’s in French, so use Google Translate) and Karen whose plurk reminded me of this, I finally bought some beige nail color and tried it for myself. And here’s the result!

Some things that I learned after trying this out (mostly learned through mistakes):

  • Let the color dry out as much as possible. Don’t be impatient like me XD
  • The transfer of ink from paper to nail is QUICK. Just roll the paper over your alcohol-soaked nail once for three seconds or less. Any longer and the paper fibers will stick and you’ll end up with a rough finish
  • Don’t do this before bedtime! Or dry it out completely before going to bed. -____- Unless you want some texture on your nails.

Let it be said that I would never pick out a beige, solid colored nail polish if it weren’t for this. I usually go for metallics because they still look fine despite my sloppy application. :p But since the text is covering up any sloppiness I did, I’m totally loving this ‚̧

So much love, in fact, that I keep on taking photos of my nails on every background. And that’s really something, because I don’t like my nails at all.

On my dog:

With gravel:

Okay, that’s enough. :p


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