The Great Cover-Up

19 January 2011

For one of my classes this sem, we had to compile our plates so far and place them in a bag. Since I couldn’t find a satisfactory canvas bag that could fit 15×20 boards, I resorted to getting the proper 15×20 bag made for this exact purpose. It looks like this:

Sorry to say, I found the lettering at the lower right ugly. It took me a week to think of how to cover it up, and I decided on painting over it. I was inspired by this particular image I found on Design*Sponge (which was also part of the inspiration for my plates the bag was supposed to contain)

I took out some white textile paint left over from a different class project and used it as a base color. At the rightmost part I had two coats on, because a single coat didn’t cover the black too much.

On top of that, I used regular acrylic paints for the colors.

I think the brush strokes lend it a certain charm 😉

I decided against giving it a coat of clear lacquer, because I didn’t know if I should coat the whole thing or just the painted parts. This morning was really rainy, so the bag got the ultimate fastness test. It passed! No color bleeding and scary stuff like that. I got lots of compliments for it, too. 🙂

I love it!



  1. I like! Great job. ganda ng effect ng brush strokes sa design. 🙂

    • salamat! 😀

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