Doing the Rounds

7 January 2011

Happy New Year! For my first craft-related blog post of the year, here’s some inspiration for future crafts. Sewing ones, in particular. Before the year ended I cleaned out my closet and found I had way too much t-shirts and collared polo shirts, and nothing much else. So for 2011 I’ll make it a point to have more variety in my clothing. But with me being such a cheap-o, I want to make use of some of my old clothes first before buying some new ones.

Actually, I already spent too much on new clothes while I was Christmas shopping. So by modifying old clothes, I hope to resist the urge to buy new ones. 😉

I had a little free time this afternoon so I went around window shopping in SM North, looked at the clothes, took some photos and listed down the stuff I could do to my old clothes. Sure, I could just google photos online, but then I wouldn’t be able to look at some details like stitches and construction. Also, the great thing about taking a look at the actual articles is that I could fit them and see if their styles look good on me, like the tulip skirt which I’ve liked for so long but was hesitant to buy.

So here they are. These are mostly applique and ruffles and details like that… stuff that I could actually do on my own.

This is something I’ve been wanting to do

Variations of the technique used in the flower (previous photo)

Sequins on the shoulders

This should be pretty easy

I need elastic for this one

Tulip dress. These dress/skirt forms have always been appealing to me because they have pockets!

Detail of the pleats on a tulip skirt so I know how to make one

It looks like a skirt attached to sleeves. I like it. It’s called a tunic top, I think.

Two-toned dresses. Sleeveless top+skirt

Finally….I like the sleeves on this one. Oh, you could see a little of me in the reflection. Hahaha

I’m definitely doing this again 🙂


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