Crafting in CBTL

15 December 2010

Yesterday I attended a party dressed up as Sunshine Corazon in her “Telephone” scene. I had most of the costume down, but she had a bunch of colorful bangles, and I just HAD to have some of those.

Incidentally, a few days back I chanced upon this craft blog post which was perfect for the purpose. I found some black rubbery bracelets and rings at a bazaar (the whole bunch for just 10 pesos!) which I wrapped with yarn to give it some color.

Yesterday was a busy day for me. I had a class presentation at 8am; I had to draw 10 windows over lunch; then a lecture class until 3pm. I also had to look for the vest and Hello Kitty bag for my costume (both of which shall be turned into Christmas gifts afterwards, so the expense was worth it). I was left with about 2 hours of free time before the party, so I went over to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Tomas Morato because it was near the party venue and I had internet access there. I had my whole day already planned so I bought a supply of yarn for this particular time.

AngCraftista in CBTL, getting herself used to the large glasses.

Half-wrapped bracelet

One bracelet completed!

These should be enough 🙂

I love the look!

P.S. I’m sort of bothered by the loose yarn ends. What do you think?


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  1. […] yesterday I bought the glasses and then this afternoon I got the rest of the costume together, even making my own colorful bangles a couple of hours before going to the venue. I almost didn’t push through with it, but the […]

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