Greeting Card Mod: Wedding Style

11 December 2010

Today, friends of my boyfriend and I are getting married. Since they’re going to move to China just one week after, it wasn’t wise to give them the usual homemaking presents. We got them gift cards instead so they could buy stuff they need for their trip. Of course I wouldn’t put it in just any envelope, would I? It needs packaging! Thus, the greeting card mod part 2 was born.

It started out as a really, really, really old greeting card I rummaged up from my stationery drawer. It only had “Good Luck” on the cover and “with best wishes” written inside. I had some spare envelopes lying around and I placed a tumbling kitty sticker in one corner.

Inside is the fun stuff. I pore through the contents of my clippings box and found some words and images that fit the bill of a wedding message, albeit offbeat. I wanted to integrate the “with best wishes” phrase, so I composed a message to work around it. I think I did pretty well, though I kept wishing that boyfie was here so he would do the handwriting for me. His hand is so much better at this than mine. The little drummer and bassist card at the lower right is from a personalized gift tag set given by my cousin and his wife. George W. Bush is there just because he looks funny :p

On the other side I made a little envelope to hold the gift cards. I used a copy of Cubao CBD Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) left over from my architecture college days. The other stuff are just embellishments.

Finally, I couldn’t leave the little tumbling kitty on the envelope alone, so I put some words to keep it company.


And that’s it! What do you think? Is it wedding appropriate? Personally I’d like to receive something like this, but that’s just me. 😀



  1. LOL at George Bush!
    Thou art a creative genius! I can’t make you one. Or I can try. I’ll fill the inside with various kitchen appliances. 😀

    • kitchen appliances! HAHAHAHAHA

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