The reason I was drinking more Nescafé Mocha

29 September 2010

… was to make a new handle for this bag!

My mom and I have been collecting aluminum can pull tabs to make a new handle because the strap the bag came with was, to put it bluntly, ugly.

Here’s a photo I took a few months back. The black cord is the original strap. It looked… un-classy. At that time I was experimenting on how to thread the pull tabs properly, but in the end I went to a mall and took a good look at the available bracelets in the same style.

There’s a certain way of arranging and threading ribbon through the tabs, although not complicated. You could easily figure it out by looking at existing ones. The one I did in the previous photo was totally wrong.

Here’s the finished product:

I bought purple ribbon because I’m planning to use it with the purple dress I’ll be wearing to an upcoming wedding. I originally wanted to use silver ribbon so that it could go with any color scheme, but I couldn’t find any at the time. It’s alright because I could just redo it once I find the right ribbon.


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  1. […] new, more appropriate handle. We’ve collected enough tabs, thankfully, just in time for me to make the handle so I could use the bag for the upcoming […]

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