Craft Attack

4 July 2010

It’s been so long since I last made something with my hands, and I felt that I just had to do something about it. I had the “need to bead,” as my crafty friend Chique put it. Besides, it’s been ages since my last craft blog post. So one morning I pulled out some beads and random materials and made some earrings.

Earrings are very simple to do, so I figured it’s a quick way to satisfy my crafty cravings. Despite how easy they are to make, I hardly make earrings. The thing about earrings is that I don’t use them. Correction: I can’t use them. My ears are very sensitive for some unknown reason and the only ones I can use are silver or gold ones. Still, I have to clean them before wearing and I have to be veeeery careful when putting them on otherwise my earlobes would get red and puffy and irritated.

Nevertheless, I took out the a few fish hooks I had and made some earrings. I suppose I could sell these or give them away as gifts someday. In the end I came up with not one, not two, but four earrings!

This was the first one. The pack of surfboard-shaped metal thingies had the looped wires with them so I threaded a plastic bead then looped the other end. I could even add a little more at the bottom loop if I wanted to.

Next I found some wooden beads and made this one:

This was actually the last one I made. I was just experimenting with the jewelry wire and I ended up with this:

This one’s my favorite, and it’s made from the foam stuffing from the bags my mom bought in Bangkok, like the earrings at the end of this post. (I ended up giving this to my friend on her baby shower -11 July 2010)

While I dream of the day when I could actually use the earrings I make, I’ll just enjoy designing and crafting them for others.




  1. I LOVE!

  2. Oh my! Just saw this now 😦 So sorry for not doing my reading duties :p

    Great blog, Sarah! I’m learning a lot from your crafts journey 🙂 Thanks for sharing ❤

    • Haha no problem, Chique. 🙂 I hope you enjoy the rest of my stuff

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