Greeting Card Mod

22 May 2010

Today is my third anniversary with my boyfriend who is currently working abroad. I’m happy, but also kind of sad because we can’t be together on this special day. Nevertheless, we never fail to contact each other everyday through email, SMS, voice calls and IM so the large gap between us doesn’t seem so large.

Sometimes a friend (or a friend of a friend) would be leaving to or arriving from where he his so we send each other small packages through them. Last week I sent him some clothes he requested (clothes are expensive where he is) and I added my surprise gift to him and an advanced anniversary greeting card (sorry for the crappy image, all I had was my phone at the time).

I bought it from the bookstore. The card is simple and the message inside is perfect, but not without a little modification. I always want my things personalized, so why should this card be an exception? The cover art had a dog and cat having a sweet picnic. The dog is nice because the boyfriend and I are dog people. I have nothing against cats, but the duck has more meaning for us because the boyfriend calls me bibe (i.e. duck) so I cut out a little piece of the excess wallpaper I had and stuck it on the cover. I outlined it in black and added little duck feet and an eye. Just a little detail can really amp up the meaningfulness of something to a whole new level, and no doubt would garner a smile from the recipient.

As for the inside, which is the main reason why I bought the card in the first place (reference to “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat, one of our favorite songs), I just added a few more words and another wallpaper duckling.



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