What To Do With Wallpaper Scraps?

7 May 2010

What to do indeed?

I have a bunch of wallpaper swatches stashed around with my other material swatch loot bags (with ceramic tiles, wood mouldings, fabric, etc). After organizing my fabric swatches, I was looking around for ways to store the wallpaper such that I could browse through them easily when I need to without having to rummage and have them flying all over the place. What I did was to cut off the ripped parts of the wallpaper to make them all square-cornered (for aesthetics’ sake), punched a hole in one corner then placed them in the 1″ metal rings I had lying around (I have a complete office supplies store under my desk. LOL). Here’s the result:

After all that, what should I do with the rest of the scraps? There were a lot of odd-shaped ends that I couldn’t use as swatches. Out of the blue, I started punching out holes in them and collected the circles. I had a bottle with similar circles punched out of glossy flyers, so I figured I should add these wallpaper circles to that.

My dad passed by while I was punching holes and asked what I was doing it for. I was actually thinking of using it for some mixed-media art piece, but all I was able to say was, “I don’t know.” I just knew I cannot bear to part with the scraps knowing that I could still make something from them. *packrat mode*

Well here’s more to add to my stash. At least they’re pretty to photograph, don’t you agree?


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